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Gakusoft is committed to providing Japanese and Chinese language learning software. Our products are designed to assist in learning to read and especially write kanji and hanzi.




Japanese-English-Kanji Dictionary
for Smartphone & PocketPC

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Comprehensive dictionary
Computer & Medical dics included
Easy one-handed usage
Accurate search results
Romaji or kana search & display
Exports KingKanji flashcards
Secure and on-line registration
Low price of only $22.95!

Japanese Flashcards
for Smartphone, PocketPC, PalmOS, & Windows

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Learn faster
Animated kanji stroke order
Real-time kanji writing feedback
Lessons for common text books
Free lesson editor
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Thousands of registered users
Low price of only $24.95!
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Chinese Flashcards
for PocketPC, PalmOS, & Windows

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Free 15 day trial!
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Simplified and traditional hanzi
Animated hanzi stroke order
Real-time hanzi writing feedback
Practical Chinese Reader Lessons
Free lesson editor
Secure and on-line registration
Thousands of registered users
Low price of only $24.95!
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Get a FREE registration! Just send us a complete set of formatted lessons for a textbook not included with KingKanji or KingHanzi. See the Support page for contact information.

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One word: Excellent. a must have for Japanese students. It even recognizes the right strokes order, so convenient. How many kanji was I writting in the wrong order. - CAkOS

FIVE STARS! KingHanzi is absolutely excellent. It does just what I want it to do at a good price. - Howard P

I use it every day on the subway going to and from work, and it has been the best method that I have found for learning Kanji. - Jerry G

Your program is the only reason that I even use a Palm.  I really cannot thank you enough for your program!  You make studying kanji fun. - Roy P

It's excellently designed, easy to use and is responsible for an incredible increase in my rate of kanji learning. - Gordon W

Oct 11, 2007 Released KingKanji for Smartphone.
Oct 8, 2007 PocketPC: Fixed install file for KingHanzi CHS and CHT.
Jun 16, 2007 PocketPC and Smartphone: Fixed Vista install problem and a problem with finding lessons on storage cards.