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What's KingKanji?

Kabuto is a fast and accurate Japanese-English, English-Japanese, and kanji dictionary. Kabuto gives you the power of a large dictionary on a pocket-sized device. Its fast, easy-to-use look-up lets you quickly find words during conversation. The one-handed navigation and text entry enables you to search for words while holding a book or magazine. Use the search history to review previous results or export them as KingKanji flashcards for study.
  • Designed for Windows Mobile Smartphone and PocketPC

  • Romaji or kana Japanese search and results display

  • One-handed navigation and text entry - use while reading a book or magazine

  • General term dictionary with over 103,000 entries

  • Kanji dictionary with more than 6,300 kanji definitions

  • Supplemental dictionaries also available

    • Medical dictionary with over 34,000 definitions

    • Computer dictionary with more than 14,000 entries

  • Multiple search methods

    • English words search

    • Japanese words search

    • Kanji radical (sub-part), reading, meaning, or stroke count search

  • Kanji animation for the standard 1,945 Joyo kanji

  • Search history to easily find previous results

  • KingKanji flashcard export (requires KingKanji to be installed)

Requirements: Microsoft Smartphone 2003 or greater; Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC or greater


Windows Install Wizard (recommended)

 Kabuto PocketPC (15.7MBs)

 Kabuto Smartphone (15.7MBs)

Manual Install (for non-Windows users)

 Kabuto PocketPC (9.8MBs )

 Kabuto Smartphone (9.8MBs)

Register this software at www.regnow.comWe are sure that you will find the price of $22.95 well worth the benefits of using with Kabuto. Register using ONLINE credit card registration via Register Now's SECURE SERVER. Within 15 minutes you will be sent an e-mail containing your personal registration code.

If you wish to purchase a site license for your institution, please send mail to for pricing.