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Japanese Word Processors


    WWWjdic - an online dictionary with selectable dictionary files
    Win jdic - a windows based E/J, J/E, and kanji dictionary (requires EDICT file & EDICTJDX file)
    javaDict - Java based dictionary similar to the previous two plus has written character recognition -- impressive! (also requires EDICT & EDICTJDX files)

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Japanese Fonts

Language Learning Resources


Search Engines


    sci.lang.japan, general Japanese language topics (unmoderated)
    fj.kanji, Q & A concerning kanji -- usually difficult questions from native speakers (unmoderated), foreigners' perspectives about living in Japan -- often culturally insensitive! (unmoderated)
    comp.research.japan, Japanese computer science information (moderated)
    alt.japanese.text, general language topics but nearly dead (unmoderated)