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What's New at Gakusoft
Oct 11, 2007 Smartphone: Released KingKanji for Smartphone.
Oct 8, 2007 PocketPC: Fixed install file for KingHanzi CHS and CHT.
Jun 16, 2007 PocketPC and Smartphone: Fixed Vista install problem and a problem with finding lessons on storage cards.
Jun 16, 2007 Palm: Fixed crashing bug on Palm T/X and E2 devices.
Apr 23, 2007 Kabuto: Released Kabuto Japanese-English-Kanji dictionary v1.0.
Jan 31, 2007 PocketPC: Fixed problem with handwriting drawing.
Jan 24, 2007 All: Released KingKanji version 6.1 which now includes animations and feedback for all 1,945 Joyo kanji.
Jun 17, 2006 All: fixed file open and save problems with the lesson editors and pdb file creator. The problems occurred when non-ASCII characters were part of the file path. This caused the programs to hang or not save.
May 28, 2006 PocketPC: Release version 6.0 of KingKanji, KingHanzi CHS, and KingHanzi CHT.
May 24, 2006 Windows: Released version 6.0 of KingKanji, KingHanzi CHS, and KingHanzi CHT.
May 18, 2006 Palm: Released version 6.0 of KingKanji, KingHanzi CHS, and KingHanzi CHT.
May 14, 2006 Windows: Fixed install problem for KingKanji.
Apr 9, 2006 PocketPC and Windows: Improved KingKanji's device compatibility and added a Windows version.
Feb 15, 2006 Added lessons for Minna No Nihongo Shokyu 1: Text.
Oct 25, 2005 Added lessons for the text book Japanese Step by Step.
Nov 20, 2004 Palm: Improved KingHanzi's real-time feedback.
Nov 2, 2004 Palm: Improved KingKanji's real-time feedback and added scroll buttons.
Oct 19, 2004 Palm: Added hi-resolution support including Japanese font.
Apr 19, 2004 Added new lessons for Yookoso! and Nakama.
Improved hiragana "fu" stroke order.
Feb 22, 2004 Palm: Open and Multi-Open dialogs can now filter by database.
Jan 19, 2004 PocketPC: Readied for upcoming hi-resolution and landscape displays.
PocketPC: Improved dialog for opening multiple lessons.
PocketPC: Fixed a bug that kept the homescreen from displaying.
Dec 7, 2003 PocketPC: Added larger Japanese font and fixed main form layout.
Dec 5, 2003 PocketPC: Fixed a Review mode bug that caused KingKanji and KingHanzi to hang.
Dec 3, 2003 PocketPC: Fixed bug that kept the main form from displaying.
Nov 29, 2003 PocketPC: Improved review mode
Oct 21, 2003 Palm: Made compatible with Graffiti2's Draw Anywhere option.
Jul 28, 2003 PocketPC & Palm: Fixed incorrect feedback for hiragana "mo"..
Jul 20, 2003 Palm: Improved compatibility with Tungsten T and some other PalmOS 5 devices. Strokes could not be properly written.
Mar 17, 2003 PocketPC & Palm: Added lessons for the Japanese Proficiency Test.
Feb 13, 2003 PocketPC & Palm: Added stroke order feedback to KingHanzi CHT.
Feb 9, 2003 Palm: Fixed an Open Lesson dialog problem with lesson names when an included lesson and user created lesson are both installed.
Feb 2, 2003 PocketPC & Palm: Added stroke order feedback to KingHanzi CHS.
PocketPC & Palm: Fixed a couple of stroke order errors in the stroke order feedback for KingKanji (i.e., katakana HI).
PocketPC & Palm: Fixed a few stroke order errors in the animated stroke order for KingHanzi CHS.
PocketPC: Improved setup so that it automatically installs the help file and tools.
Palm: Added a Windows setup file for the help file and tools for the Windows PC.
Jan 7, 2003 PocketPC: Added PocketPC version of KingHanzi.
Jan 2, 2003 All: Added 20% discount on the Purchase page when both KingKanji and KingHanzi are ordered.
PocketPC: Associated lesson files with KingKanji in File Explorer.
Oct 12, 2002 Palm: Fixed crashing bug in the Open Lesson dialog when over 200 lessons are available.
Oct 11, 2002 Palm: Fixed crashing bug when writing more than 25 strokes.
Sep 23, 2002 Palm: Reduced memory usage by about 40KBs.
Palm: Fixed crashing bug specific to Palm III devices (OS 3.0).
Sep 12, 2002 Win32: Fixed faulty self-extraction program causing setup to fail.
Sep 4, 2002 Win32: Fixed another crashing bug when opening a single or multiple lessons.
Sep 1, 2002 Win32: Fixed crashing bug in Multi-Open.
Aug 22, 2002 Palm: Fixed a bug that caused a crash after the lesson history is saved and a menu item is selected that creates a dialog box.
Aug 20, 2002 Win32, Palm, & WinCE: Added stroke feedback
Win32, Palm, & WinCE: Added the ability to erase a single stroke in the Writing Area
Win32, Palm, & WinCE: Added the ability to copy lesson item field to the clipboard for search in Dokusha
Win32, Palm, & WinCE: Slightly changed form layout and colors
Win32 & WinCE: Included the Lesson Editor program for easily creating lessons on Windows XP and 2000. Win32 & WinCE: Added the large 24x24 animated stroke animation.
Palm: Added MSMount compatibility for storing and running on a memory card
Palm: Fixed a bug that affected small line segments in the Writing Area
May 27, 2002 Palm: Fixed the troublesome Multi-Open error, again.
Palm: Improved the LessonEditor so that it does not require Japanese as the default language on Windows 2000.
May 23, 2002 Palm: Fixed bugs causing a fatal error when upgrading from a previous version and causing Multi-Open to fail.
May 19, 2002 Palm: Added the large 24x24 animated stroke animation.
Palm: Added the ability to install an unlimited number of lesson databases and updated the tool less2pdbwin to support this. Palm: Added large animation display.
Palm: Included the Lesson Editor program for easily creating lessons on Windows XP and 2000.
Apr 23, 2002 Palm: Fixed FontDB problem in KingHanzi for simplified characters.
Apr 9, 2002 Palm: Added KingHanzi for Chinese traditional characters
Apr 3, 2002 Palm: Added large animation display.
Palm: Added lesson editor for Windows.
Feb 4, 2002 WinCE: Fixed missing "Clear" button on PocketPC and Palm-sized PC versions.
Jan 9, 2002 WinCE: Added the ability to scroll long Japanese text fields.
WinCE: Removed shrink-to-fit effect of Japanese text, which caused long readings to become unreadable due to the reduced font size.
Nov 2, 2001 Palm: Added first version of KingHanzi (simplified chars). Redesigned Website.
Oct 23, 2001 Palm: Fixed premature demo expiration.
Sep 25, 2001 Palm: Fixed crashing bugs related to incorrectly formed lessons and installing different lesson databases.
Jul 16, 2001 Palm: Added additional error checking while loading lessons.
Jul 15, 2001 Palm: Added trial versions of two bonus arcade games.
Palm: Widened the registration field to display longer codes.
Mar 27, 2001 Palm: Fixed crashing bug when the Palm does not have enough free memory to open a lesson.
Mar 20, 2001 Palm: Made the lesson parser more forgiving and removed a crashing bug.
Palm: Added the ability to scroll the text fields for long kanji and reading fields.
Palm: Included alternate lesson databases for the kanji textbooks Remembering the Kanji I and A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters.
Nov 27, 2000 Palm: Fixed extremely slow character stroke animation that sometimes occurs when returning to KingKanji after exiting to another application.
Oct 4, 2000 Palm: Lesson state is now saved when switching to another application. Palm: Slower default animation rate.
Sep 14, 2000 Palm: Added a Java program that lets Mac and Unix users consolidate their own lessons into a KingKanji Palm DB. (Windows users can continue to use the included "exe" program).
Aug 20, 2000 Fixed incomplete KingKanji for PocketPC self-extracting file. Updated faulty references on the Links page.
Aug 19, 2000 Added missing "Show Canvas" option to KingKanji v3.0 for H/PC and H/PC Pro.
Aug 1, 2000 Released KingKanji v3.0 for Windows, Palm Pilot, and CE.
Feb 28, 2000 Added KingKanji v1.1 for the Palm Pilot.
Feb 21, 2000 Added KingKanji v1.0 for the Palm Pilot.
Feb 7, 2000 Added the beta test version of KingKanji for the Palm Pilot.
Oct 7, 1999 Released version 2.0 of KingKanji for Windows CE. This version adds support for Chinese and Korean and fixes a couple of minor bugs.
July 7, 1999 Released version 1.2 of both KingKanji for Windows CE and KingKanji for Windows. These are bug fix releases that address the freezing caused on some Windows CE devices and the gradual display degradation on Windows 95/98.
June 19, 1999 Redesigned the Web site to better reflect the company and its products.